FYI Silver Plating Paste
for Bronze, Copper and Brass





1. The surfaces of objects intended for the silver plating unless they are contaminated with paint, varnish or thick layer of dirt does not require special preparation. If the surface is very dirty (paint, varnish, a thick layer of dirt) use the FYI Polish Paste to clean the piece and then follow the instructions.

2. Metal will be covered with a thin layer of silver .999. FYI Silver Plating Paste contains pure silver.

3. Imperfections of silvered surface (scratches, bumps, scratches, tarnishes) remain visible under a layer of silver

4. Take a little bit ( size of pea seed) of FYI Silver Plating Paste onto the cloth. Use soft, lint-free cloth. Rub FYI Silver Plating Paste into the piece gently. Use only a straight-line, back-and-forth motion. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing in circles, since this can leave scratches or patterns in the surface of the jewelry. Keep rubbing until the piece become silver covered. Wash with soap and water. Be sure to rinse your items, either under running water or by wiping with a clean cloth dampened in water. Rinsing is very important when working with detailed or etched items because FYI Silver Plating Paste can stick in crevices and darken. Polish using soft, lint-free cloth.


Plating pieces made of Metal Clays

1. The structure of the metal, obtained using metal clay is a microporous

2. Grinding and polishing open micropores on the surface of the metal

3. On the silvered surface may be formed different colors of discoloration usually yellow

4. In case of discoloration, clean the silvered surface with sandpaper grit 2000, and use FYI Silver Plating Paste again. If necessary, repeat the procedure

5. Silvered surface defects occur most often as a result of incorrect sintering process (mismatched sintering temperature or time) or the use of poor quality (coarse, polluted) metal clay. While silver plating and cleaning, use a rubber or latex gloves. Silver compounds are photosensitive and may leave dark spots

FYI Polish Paste and Paste Silver Plating darkens on exposure to light. Always use gloves while working. Keep in a dark and cool place. For plating always use clean cloth.

The surface can be polished after plating with very soft brass brush (wire brush less than 0.1 mm) or sandpaper 2000 or smaller.