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FYI silver clay .999 10g
  • FYI silver clay .999 10g

FYI silver clay .999 10g

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silver .999  


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FYI Silver Clay .999

For Your Inspiration Silver Clay .999

-Friendly to you - you can form it as your mind tells you, you can reflect any shape on it like with a seal.

- Friendly to professional and novice artists.

- Friendly to your health - does not contain oils, paraffins, it is non-toxic at every stage of the work.

-  Consists of a fine (less than 0,025 mm) silver powder and a binder, all ingredients of which are used in cosmetology and medicine.

-  Contains 89% pure silver and 11% water-based binder.

-  Can be fired in an oven or with a burner.



Instructions for working with FYI Silver Clay .999, FYI Silver Clay .960

-  Use clean and dry modeling tools, files, sandpaper, brushes, stamps, textures for work.

-  Do not use tools made of aluminum.

-  Work on clean and dry surfaces made of glass, ceramics or plastic.

-  After unpacking the FYI Silver Clay .999, the FYI Silver Clay .960 is ready to go. You can mix them freely.

-  Shape the designer item. Use a damp brush or paste with a bit of FYI Silver Clay .999 syringe or FYI Silver Clay .960 syringe for joining several elements. Apply a layer of paste on the joined elements with a brush. If  necessary, apply several layers. You can easily make a paste from dried scraps and dust left over from work. Grind them into a powder and add a little water.

-  After making the designedx item, dry it. Now you can grind, grill holes, add elements, deepen textures. If you make a mistake, refill with fresh clay or stick the missing element with a paste. Dry and keep working.

- Torch Firing 10 min, between orange and bright red

- Maximum durability after 2 hours at 900oC.

-  The recommended firing temperature is 840oC for 30-60min, which ensures very good durability of all products, in this case shrinkage is about 15%.

-  Firing density 9,15 g/cm3 (rolled silver -10,5 g/cm3).

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